Federica Leotta

Country Manager, Universum Italy

In today’s candidate-driven market, talent attraction and retention is a necessary superpower. And luckily enough, it can be taught! As an Employer Branding Advisor, Federica Leotta has been doing exactly that for many years, within a variety of industries. Until now she has helped companies develop employer branding strategies within the automotive, fashion, pharma, FMCG, banking, management consulting, retail, insurance and energy industries.  

Her next challenge? Helping your organisation develop its own employer brand superpowers by sharing valuable insights from around the globe at LEAP.

Bonus! Federica Leotta will be awarding Romania’s Most Attractive Employers!

"Attracting and engaging the right people is simpler than you think: focus on space, empowerment and value."

Federica Leotta


Workshop 4

Explore the challenges to create an inspiring and motiviation workpalce for the new poeple. Know the new workforce entering into the job market.

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Federica Leotta
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